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Air Canada Corporate Rewards is a program that allows companies to earn rewards and complimentary services when booking with Air Canada. Designed to help make the most of business travel, it offers companies without an Air Canada preferred Carrier Agreement* an exclusive online tool that manages travel expenses and tracks rewards simultaneously.

With Air Canada Corporate Rewards, companies can easily:

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  • Create users and travel arrangers for corporate administration.
  • Track travel expenses and receives detailed reports.
  • Plan and manage travel more efficiently with tools that allow employees to share itineraries and create trip templates.

If you own or work for a company, all your company needs to do is appoint an administrator that will have the responsibility to complete the enrollment form below to join the program. The person designated as the administrator will receive instantly an email confirming your company’s enrollment in the Air Canada Corporate Rewards program with your company’ s corporate ID.

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Program Administrator Information
Who is the program administrator?
The program administrator is an assigned employee from the company designated to manage the corporate account and to receive important email notifications or updates.

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Corporate Officer Information
Who is the corporate officer?
The corporate officer is your representative, empowered to authorize your company's participation in the corporate program (ie: travel manager, financial officer or travel agent). This person may also act as the program administrator. The corporate officer will receive a copy of all email notifications and updates.
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Agency Information
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If you would like for your travel agency to manage your bookings, you need to complete the agency information section to provide us with their information.
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